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Pro Finish Powder Coating Inc. has been in operation since 1993. We strive to provide high quality, long last and durable coatings that increase a products life while also reducing its maintenance costs. Our facility has some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, allowing us to consistently deliver some of the highest quality, longest last finishes available.


Six Stage Iron Phosphate Pretreatment

Conveyorised Line

Automated Powder Application

Manual Powder Application

Batch Application – 25′ Max

Multiple Substrates

66″ x 34″ x 120″ Part Window


Certified Quality System

Prompt Turnaround


Custom Applications

Tooling Design


Project Management


Drop Shipment

Blind Shipment

Color Matching

Detailed Masking



1000 Ken-O-Sha Industrial Drive, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

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