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One thing we love about our business is the challenge that each new part and project presents. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that no part or project is the same. From challenging part design requiring advanced application, to specialty tooling design, to overall finish quality and consistency, we love the opportunity each challenge presents. Check out a few examples of those challenges our staff were able to meet head on and produce fantastic results for our clients.

Coverage to Spec

Visual appeal is important as is the protection that powder coating provides. Meeting customer specifications repeatably is our priority as it relates specifically to our standard of finish quality. We don’t just load parts onto racks and send them through the system. If there’s a spot that the automated system doesn’t reach, we spray it manually right then and there.


Many times jobs require additional attention to detail. In this case the interior finish was equally important to the exterior finish of the part. The general shape of this part could present a challenge to some because of the difficulty that is presented in getting full coverage on all the interior angles of the substrate.


At Pro Finish we pride ourselves on creating efficiency that produces shorter lead times and quick turn around.

Advanced Tooling

There will always be parts that just don’t work with standard powder coating racks. The parts may be too small, too big, or require unusual masking that rules out most rack options. Our years of experience have taught us many ways to accommodate these unusual parts without sacrificing complete and even coverage of powder coating.


In this case, due to the smaller part size we created custom racks that changed the angle of the parts to accommodate the coverage requirements. This custom tooling also increased the number of units per rack which produced a larger amount of units per hour – ultimately reducing the turn around time for our customer.


At Pro Finish you can be sure that we make every effort to customize the process specific to your parts.

Finish Quality

There are more options than just picking a color, it takes knowledge and experience to get the appropriate finish type right. Gloss levels and finish type can change almost everything about the application and in some cases the process in general.


With this automotive industry part, it was important that the high-gloss finish was spotless as the part is sometimes consumer facing. In most industries these seemingly minor details make all the difference in the mind of a consumer who’s perspective on the quality of even the smallest components of products define a brand.


At Pro Finish rest assured we understand the importance of even the smallest of details and that the finish quality is most important to us. Your parts are in reliable hands.

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